HTS Industrial Area
Xintang, Guangzhou (Canton)
Guangdong Province
About 100-150 workers
200,000pcs per month
Tianbian Industrial Area
Shipai Dongguan
Guangdong province
About 200-300 workers
300,000pcs per month
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Service scope
Part of the brands/customers we are working with

· Make hats, promotional hats, gift caps and hats for VIP customers.

· A brand of sportswear, clothing, outdoor and sports brands.

· Work with various designers to make designer hats.

· Customized hats for individuals, small groups, associations, units, institutions, enterprises, companies,

 and international organizations.

We are new fashion and leading the trends

Top Crown is a medium size manufacturer for headwear and apparel in China, 20 years export service to western customers make our communication more professional, easier and effective.

Good quality,  quick reaction and competitive price acquire us a good reputation on the business. Our brand new head office is located in Guangzhou Xintang, with one factory in Xintang, one factory in Dongguan, our capacity is 500,000pcs per month.

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Head Office

Add : B2 B2122 No. 4 Chuanghui Ave. Yonghe Xintang Guangzhou (Canton)  Guangdong Pro. China 511356

Tel : 86-20-84286899
MP : 18124252283
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Website :
Skype : top-crown
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